About Kristallen

In 2005 the Swedish Television Award Foundation was founded by the TV channels, SVT, TV3, TV 4, and Channel 5, in collaboration with the Swedish Producers' Association. As a result the first Swedish Television Award, Kristallen (The Crystal), was successfully launched in September 2005.

Inspiration- Overview- Networking

The success of the Live Award Gala inspired the foundation to take the collaboration further by launching the first Swedish annual conference, the Kristallen Seminar, exclusively for the TV industry.  The ambition was to do for Sweden what the Edinburgh TV Festival does for the UK. 

This year's Kristallen Seminar is held on September 3, the day before the Award Gala. Leading Swedish and international personalities from major television networks and production companies are invited as guest speakers.

Networking activities will be run during the course of the seminar. Parallel sessions will present and debate the commercial and cultural issues that shape tomorrow's television. The Kristallen Seminar offers opportunities to participate in workshops, meetings, exhibitions, show rooms etc, thus creating an atmosphere for informal meetings between top industry innovators and decision makers. The Seminar attracts more than six hundred people, television executives, producers and participants from the industry. 

We welcome you to Stockholm and hope that you will find time to communicate and exchange experiences with friends and colleagues and also enjoy our beautiful capital, set within the Stockholm archipelago of thousands of islands - a city rich in beauty and culture.


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